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Mapefix VE SF (MAPEI) (Download pdf click here)

Packaging : 300 ml/ ctd

Mapefix VE SF is an adhesive for chemical anchoring metal bars in holes made in building materials. it is a two-component, styrene-free product made from a mixture of polyester resins. 

It has been specifically developed for chemically anchoring steel and zinc-plated steel threaded and deformed bars, which transmit light loads, to solid and perforated substrates such as non-cracked concrete, heavyweight concrete, stone and mixed masonry.

Mapefix FE SF is recommended for anchoring elements in place such as:

- Plant equipment

- Sanitary fittings

- Aerial

- Signs

- Window and door fittings.

Quantity pc(s)

Rp. 177.000

Rp. 159.000

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